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December 23, 1949

Carlos Pazos is an undisciplined artist who uses the most appropriate technique to what he wants to express in every moment.

National Visual Arts Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya 2008, National Prize of Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture, 2004.

First solo exhibition in 1970 and first retrospective, «Tell me nothing», in 2007 at the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona) and at the MNCARS (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.Madrid).

In love with music and the night, he directs “Cibeles Ballroom” (1978-1982) with two salsa orchestras and live swing music; the cocktail bar “Bijou” (1983-1986) and the musical bar “Je-rrix” (1994-95), the first headquarters of its Fan Club.

In love with books and writing, he has published “Garabatos y Zarpazos” (UB, 2004, reissued in 2007), “Pimpollos y Papanatas” (Comanegra, 2013) and “Art¡ss!mo” (Cru, 2016). “Filigranas y Mamporros” (2017) is ready to be printed if someone wishes to publish it.

In love with the cinema, in the 60s and 70s he made some films in super-8, of which little remains. In 1987 he starred in “Es quan dormo que hi veig clar” directed by Jordi Cadena, on texts by the poet J.V. Foix.

In 2006 he writes and directs “Mnemocine. A cut out film” (2006) and a number of videos in later years.

Returning to his passion for music he shot the film “Yo inventé unos Los Llopis” (2012) in Havana, with original music by Pascal Comelade and Manuel Malou.

In 2015 he presents “Art¡ss!mo, a movie of quotes”, for which he composed with Manuel Malou the song “(H)artissimo”.

The 2018 season is devoted, essentially, to two pieces.

“Out of Limbo”, an installation made at the Center d’Art Santa Mònica commemorating the 25th anniversary of his exhibition “Un elefante en el Limbo”, in 1993.

“No et prometo res”, a belvedere in which the “egouttoir-hedgehog-squeegee” that Duchamp erected in 1914, returns as a giant to the vineyards, becoming a lighthouse and a look out tower of La Vinya dels Artistes (La Pobla de Cérvoles, Lleida).