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The Foundation has two separated headquarters and activities are developed in both venues in very different ways.

The “Portable” headquarters are dedicated to gathering and exhibiting, as a permanent collection, the work of Carlos Pazos.

It’s made up of thirteen cubicles, called “wagons” because they are mobile and transportable and can move around the world like the caravans of a circus.

The wagons are installed in the grounds of Zedis’ factory, in the industrial estate of Lliçà d’Amunt, about 20 kms north of Barcelona.

Zedis factory belongs to Josep Lluís Hernández Palay, Carlos Pazos’s classmate during their last three years in school.

In the wagons the work of CP is presented broadly following the structure which was used in the anthological exhibition “Tell me nothing” (MACBA and MNCARS, 2007).

Some wagons are dedicated to time periods (youth, “I will make myself a star”), themes (sex, music, discourse on art, etc.) and others are reserved for temporary exhibitions.

In “Portable” a part of the permanent collection of Carlos Pazos is shown in “white cubes”, which are not always white.