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Since quite a few years we suffer from a deep crisis of anti-reality in the arts and, for that reason, sometimes I am included in the group of old-fashioned artists. For me this is almost a praise. But let me insist on fashion and on the anti-reality crisis.

For me art is something useless, an intrinsic quality that gives it all its sex-appeal.
If art were to be useful for something, I think it should be to make us company, to distance ourselves, with irony and humour, of the absurdity of life and the horror of everyday routines.

I am not talking in favour of an art of entertainment, but about an art that is asymmetric, poetic, sassy and rogue at the same time and that is, therefore, capable of eluding the frightening reality from which the only possible escape is anti-reality.

I believe in an attitude that has nothing to do with prevailing fashion aimed at turning artists into preachers of political and social awareness; forgetting the heroic nature of individuality and of fortright criticism, away from the politically correct and commonplace.

Fragment of a speech of gratitude.
GAC Prize, 2016
Barcelona, ​​May 2017

¡Malditos niños!
Ángel González

Carlos Pazos «I’m going to make myself a star».
William Jeffett

Cuatro esquinas (aproximación a la poética de Carlos Pazos).
Eduardo Lago
Arte y parte: revista de arte - España, Portugal y América, ISSN 1136-2006, Nº. 30, 2000-2001, págs. 40-47